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Our consultative services, workshops, and courses are customized to meet the clients’ needs.   We provide expert level process consultation in the broad areas of Organization Development and Performance Improvement to all levels of the organization.  We are ready to assist your organization in developing the internal capacity to maximize its effectiveness by using the following:

Consultative Services

  • Design and facilitate strategic/annual planning sessions.
  • Provide coaching, consultation, and facilitation to senior executives, managers, and staff at all levels on how to address organizational issues of key importance, resolve systemic problems, and improve organizational effectiveness.
  • Design and implement consultative interventions working with various staff to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate an internal organizational effectiveness strategy that promotes performance improvement and organizational development principles.
  • Utilize expert knowledge of change management to assist leaders/staff toward becoming a higher performing organization.
  • Deliver exceptional and interactive diversity training reaching far beyond race, culture, gender, and tolerance.
  • Facilitate leadership meetings applying expert knowledge of group dynamics, problem solving, decision-making, and conflict management.
  • Coordinate and/or design workshops/training curriculum directed toward team performance improvement principles, intact team development, and problem solving.Utilize teaching skill and expert knowledge to perform rapid just-in-time training to address problems unique to the client system.
  • Design and coordinate large group interventions in a conference or workshop setting specific to soliciting input from participants for organizational improvement.  Group sizes range from 3 – 5000 personnel).

Development Courses | top

The Statistical Process Control Tools Course.  This interactive course will equip participants with the methods and tools needed to improve performance.  Participants will learn and apply methodologies and tools through instructor presentations, by working in small groups to solve problems, practice exercises, and by presenting a case study.  The course is customized and centered around the following:

  • Systems thinking
  • Understanding variation
  • Problem solving
  • Opportunity for improvement
  • Defining the current situation
  • Understanding the problem and defining the current situation
  • Analyzing the problem
  • Generating solutions
  • Generating an action plan
  • Evaluating the results
  • Using teams for process improvement
  • Understanding change

The Managing for Results Course is an interactive course designed to provide managers with the necessary skills to manage and lead effectively in today's work environment.  The course is customized to meet the organizations needs.  The following are the topics that are customized to meet the clients needs:

  • Essential Principles and Characteristics of Leadership
  • The Use of Managerial Power
  • Empowering Employees Through Delegation
  • Understanding Your Own Leadership Style
  • Communication Skills
  • Building Trust
  • Managing Performance Through Coaching and Counseling
  • Motivating Employees
  • Managing Change
  • Managing Conflict
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Understanding Small Group Dynamics

The Facilitator Course.  The basic skills of a facilitator are about following good meeting practices: timekeeping, following an agreed-upon agenda, and keeping a clear record. The higher-order skills involve watching the group and its individuals in light of group process and dynamics. The main role of a facilitator is to help the group stay focused. The specific role of the facilitator is defined by the needs of the particular committee being supported. The facilitator will support the chairperson of the committee by performing a range of behaviors. Our course covers the following topics:

  • Communication
  • Myers Briggs Personality Indicator (MBTI)
  • Team assessment
  • Contracting with a team leader
  • Writing team charters
  • Assessing team dynamics
  • Conflict management
  • Decision making   
  • Contracting with a team leader
  • Writing team charters
  • Assessing team dynamics
  • Conflict management